feel secure

Clean plants certified nurseries have developed a systemized process on their nursery to meet stringent photosanitary standards and to ensure that their plants are monitored for regulated and non-regulated pests.

Trusted Process

Nurseries select three trusted staff to oversee certification operations.

Certification Manager
Designs and implements a phytosanitary management system for a nursery. Trains staff to follow certification guidelines.

Crop Manager
Designs and implements a pest management plan. Monitors, controls and regulates non-regulated pests.

Internal Auditor
Confirms that the nursery is meeting it's phytosanitary standards and looks for ways to improve the system.

A CNCI approved auditor completes an audit of the nursery's certification manual and facility for initial approval and then each nursery is audited every three years. Internal nursery audits and manual updates must be completed annually and submitted to CNCI to mantain certification status.

Approved nurseries receive a yearly certificate with an electronic stamp, certification number and list of pest specific modules that the nursery is certified for. This certification number is then applied to all plant shipments.

Peace of Mind

Careful records are kept of all plants going in and out of the nursery.


The ability to track plant movement from its origin through production in the nursery and out to the purchaser.Plant identification records are kept to facilitate the traceability of all plants on the nursery, regardless of their source.


All pest finds are identified and documented. If regulated pests are identified, the CFIA is contacted and all required procedures are implemented. If non-regulated pests are identified, the nursery implements the appropriate best management practices.


Each shipment of plants that is brought into the nursery or shipped out is inspected for pests and documented.

Ensuring that you buy your plants from a Clean Plants Certified Nursery not only ensures your peace of mind, but it also protects our industry and environment from the spread of unwanted pests and diseases.